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Compassion Games International offers fun and creative ways to ignite and catalyze compassionate action in communities around the world. The Games amplify what is already working and inspires new ways to care for ourselves, each other, and the Earth. In the Compassion Games, competition becomes co-opetition as we challenge one another to strive together to make our planet a better place to live.

Communities are using the Compassion Games to ignite engagement through competitive altruism, by strengthening and bringing out what's already present and working,by creating an engaging environment for reporting and reflecting, and by using the point system as a framework for measuring and building collective capacity. Compassion Games make our communities safer, kinder, more just and better places to live.

Since 2012, players of the Compassion Games have served over 1 million people in 34 countries by more than 200,000 volunteer players. The Games have been played between cities, businesses, community groups, faith and interfaith organizations, schools, youth groups, families, prisons and others. Participating teams and individuals in the Compassion Games perform acts of service and kindness, reporting on the number of volunteers, hours of service, money raised for local causes, and the number of people served, providing measurable results that have been improved upon, year after year.

In 2015,Compassion Games hosted four coopetitions including the Annual Global Compassion Games, Back to School Games, World Interfaith Harmony Week and Serve the Earth Week - Love this Place! They developed new partnerships with Service for Peace and the Corporation for National and Community Service (U.S. organizers of 9/11 Day and MLK Day). They participated at the Parliament of World Religions where over 300 people played "Pass the Compassion Torch". In the annual Compassion Games alone, 533,152 people were directly served by over 25,000 volunteers in 200 teams. You can read the 2015 Annual Games Summary of Results and Highlights.

Momentum and participation is building internationally for The Giving Games: Youth and Schools Play it Forward starting on December 1-11. We are partnering with GivingTuesday from the 92nd Street Y, Play for Peace and Penpal Schools. There are teams from all over the globe including Kenya, South Korea, Australia, Norway, UK, Mexico, Guatemala, and North America. In 2016, we will be teaming up again with Service for Peace to focus on ending hunger, homelessness and serving the needs of veterans during the MLK: Living Beloved Community Weekend Coopetition.

Compassion Games International (CGI) is building relationships and working to expand involvement by professional sports teams, companies, animal shelters and even talk-show hosts. CGI continues to update the website to be more user friendly as well as enhancing our support for team organizers.

Stories from Compassion Games in Action: Communities have reported inspiring outcomes from playing the Compassion Games: Author Lia Mandelbaum wrote about the Compassion Games being played in a prison in California. Inspired by the outcomes at the prison she wrote her Masters thesis on the Compassion Games. She then brought The Games to a High School in Pico-Union section of Los Angeles known for its high level of gang activity. Read about the remarkable results.

Metro Detroit used the Games to identify many of the places in Detroit that they cherish and love. The goal was to heighten appreciation of their physical environment, their sense of social cohesion, and their experience of safety and peace within their neighborhoods as a regenerative response to racial violence. Read the "Love the Hell Out of Metro Detroit" story here.

In the 2015 Annual Games, community organizer Charles Barker and his team Compassionate Richardson-Fort Worth in Texas - which included over 200 volunteers from 15 non-profits and 15 houses of worship - packed over 20,000 meals in just one day to feed local children in need. When Chick-fil-A Foundation caught word of their astonishing acts of compassion, they contributed an additional 250,000 meals and 7 high schools were added to the coalition.
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