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Compathos Foundation is hosting a Media Competition for students and young media professionals with winners traveling to Brazil for an exciting 14 day media expedition with partner Global Citizens Network (GNC). The expedition will engage participants (ages 17-26) in media literacy, global citizenry, and social action as a diverse team of young creatives - a photographer, journalist, and filmmaker, will have the opportunity to travel to Pernambuco, Brazil for an exciting 14 day culturally immersive media expedition.


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Our partner, Global Citizens Network (GNC) is a nonprofit organization that works with communities throughout the world to promote cross-cultural understanding and interconnectedness through authentic immersion experiences. GCN has been recommended by National Geographic, Budget Travel, The New York Times, NEED Magazine, and Oprah Magazine as one of the "Best Volunteer Vacations." Check out what students who have traveled with GCN have to say.

Students will learn about the preservation of indigenous cultures, traditions and ecologies when traveling abroad while focusing on technical, artistic and storytelling skills, thus gaining effective communication tools that can be cultivated throughout your lifetime. Travelers develop a keen sense of value for people and place becoming life time advocates for social issues and destinations.

Participants will travel with a group of 7-10 peers, a professional media instructor, and a Global Citizens Network Team Leader. Team members will live and work alongside the Xukuru people in the hills of Serra do Ororuba in the state of Pernambuco, located in Northeastern, Brazil.

Through the years, the Xukuru worked very hard for very little, serving the area's large estate owners. In 1988 the Brazilian government declared that the land belonged to the Xukuru, but it took over 10 years until the Xukuru people left the villages and occupied the farmland. In 2001, after years of organized protest and legal efforts demanding that the law be implemented, the title to the land was officially transferred from the large land owners to the Xukuru nation.

Travelers will have the opportunity to live in home stays with members of the community, learn about traditional farming practices, visit community schools and participate in the daily life of the community. Opportunities for cultural engagement involve helping with projects determined by the community as well as becoming familiarized with the history, challenges and transitions facing the Xukuru nation. Students will work with community leaders to help craft their story and media strategy, with regular time devoted to individual journaling and hands on collective video and digital storytelling.

The group will determine the best digital platforms to showcase their individual and combined creative works and determine how to best benefit the community through intercultural dialog, especially through the use of the arts, digital storytelling and action. Students will learn to effectively produce personal journals, collective story, and socially driven narrative through new media projects and engage in social media outreach encouraging others to become involved in future programs.
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