The Message Of Mermaids
The Message Of Mermaids
Purpose : Sytrofoam / Plastics Ban

Get Involved: Find a Styrofoam ban in your city or state: there are over 100 polystyrene bans across cities in the US.

● Sign a Petition to the U.S.Federal Government HERE
Styrofoam Bans

● Bans In California - Save Our Shores
● Support the organization Save Our Shores
● Sponsor a Summer of Clean Beaches Save Our Shores
● Support bill SB 568, a bill to ban Styrofoam take-out containers throughout California
● Read Clean Water Action's Fact-Sheet-on-SB-568 to find out why a California ban on Styrofoam is a good idea.

Check out Environment California'sprogram to keep plastics our of the Pacific.You can sign a petition to the Governor HERE

● Beach & River Cleanups: a hands-on way to stop pollution before it reaches the ocean.
● Marine Education: the key to an informed community making healthy decision for our oceans.
● Advocacy: influencing local leader to address the plastic pollution problem in our oceans.
● Sign the Petition to the U.S.federal government
● Get involved in local politics and encourage our leaders to pass bans on plastic bags, styrofoam containers, etc
● Report businesses illegally using Styrofoam containers
As a consumer make conscious choices:

● BUY products with little or no plastic packaging, and products made from recycled materials.
● REDUCE the amount of plastic and other waste you use by Bringing Your Own metal water bottle, coffee mug, bag, etc.
● RECYCLE as much as possible.
● REFUSE to use plastic single-use items such as plastic grocery bags, plastic tableware and plastic cups.
● KEEP storm drains clean.
● SPREAD the word! Tell friends about how to properly dispose of trash and recycling and encourage them to Bring Their Own.
● GET INVOLVED in local politics and encourage our leaders to pass bans on plastic bags, styrofoam containers, and more.

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