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First Descents    
First Descents is committed to curing young adults of the emotional effects of cancer and empowering them to regain control of their lives by experiencing outdoor adventure therapy through kayaking, rock climbing and other outdoor adventure sports.

Why is this our mission?:
It is our hope that we can improve the lives of young adults with cancer by offering whitewater kayaking and other outdoor adventure sports. These experiences significantly increase self confidence. Self-confidence empowers people affected by cancer to regain control of their lives. First Descents is not just giving young adults with cancer their self confidence back, we're also connecting a largely disconnected population. First Descents helps shatter the illusion that cancer makes people fragile. In the end First Descents helps heal the emotional scars cancer left behind. Also, cancer is the disease with the lowest survival rate among 18-39 year olds. Every year, nearly 70,000 young adults between the ages of 18 and 40 are diagnosed with cancer. In contrast to younger and older patients, the survival rates of young adults have not increased since 1975. Adolescent and young adult cancer survivors are a vastly understudied population. Diagnosis and treatment during young adulthood often results in a range of unique psychological issues. Through First Descents we hope to bring awareness about the young adult cancer population.

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First Descents
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