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Light The Streets    
Since 2001, the faith based organization has served thousands of children and families through child sponsorship,
education, vocational training and spiritual nurturing. In 2004, our feeding program was established for the estimated seven thousand street children who live in Kigali.

"Africa New Life already had many children that we were sponsoring to go back to school, but these kids were different. I realized that if someone didn't reach out to these kids soon, there was the potential that much of the progress we were making as a nation might be destroyed by these boys as they became men. Men who had learned, through no fault of their own, that no one loved them, no one cared for them and that the only way to survive was to become criminals.

I knew in my heart that preaching to them was not enough, we needed to show them what love meant first by providing a safe place for them to escape the chaotic situations they were in for at least a little while each week. A place where someone would actually know them by name. Since that time, thousands of kids have walked through our gates, hundreds of thousands of meals have been served, many lives have been transformed and the future of Rwanda is much better for it." -Charles Mugisha Buregeya, Founder and President, Africa New Life

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Africa New Life, Ryan Youngblood
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