Enough Project
Purpose : Awareness
NEEDS:    Your cell phone may be Smart, but is it Responsible?

Throughout its history, the Democratic Republic of Congo, has been driven by conflict and greed exploiting its wealth and natural resources. The three T's -tin ore, tantalite, tungsten, as well as gold - are used in our electronic devices such as cell phones and laptops. These resources, estimated at $183 million each year, are financing foreign and Congolese militias which carry out appalling human rights violations - torture, mutilation and sexual violence aimed at tens of thousands of women and children.

Bringing transparency to the consumer electronics supply chain will be a significant first step toward transforming Congo's rich mineral resources, from a fuel for violence into an engine of empowerment for the millions of people caught up in the conflict and all those dependent upon the meager livelihoods they earn in mines throughout eastern Congo.

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