Compathos Fiscal Sponsorship

As  Fiscal Sponsor, we support art, film and new media projects that inspire action on a wide range of social and environmental issues globally. Our motivation stems from the belief that these issues are fundamentally amenable to solutions provided through creative vision and innovative action.

It is our intention to accelerate measurable progress on the most pressing of social issues by providing creative media projects with the resources needed to solicit the grants and donations to accelerate their work. Likewise, we believe all artistic and operational aspects are best handled by the project leaders who can best act on and work towards their respective vision.

We believe that each project has very individual strengths and that these strengths can best be leveraged through a combination of artistic freedom and adequate funding.

What we do

Despite giving operational freedom, we take our job in administering the integrity of the use of solicited funds very seriously. Additionally, we have a range of controls in place to ensure such integrity. Our Board of Directors and staff diligently oversee use of funds to ensure that all activities are used for the purpose for which they were solicited.

We allow you to receive donations and grants through a variety of mediums, giving the project directors a wide range of flexibility depending on changing circumstances and their own strengths. Compathos is responsible for establishing, monitoring and maintaining a fund for the affiliate, taking 5% of received funds to cover administrative costs of the sponsorship including accounting fees, fund administration and disbursal, and compliance measures.  The remaining 95% will be granted to the affiliate, assuming the expected activities have been pre-approved by the Compathos board.  The affiliate may only use these funds for activities explicitly stated in the pre-approved grant proposal.  

The Compathos Foundation uses the Pre-Approved Grant Fiscal Sponsorship ("Model C"). As such, the sponsored project does not belong to Compathos and is responsible for its own legal, tax, and accounting affairs. The role of Compathos is to enable the project to receive tax-exempt donations and grants by overseeing the use of project funds. Our Board of Directors has formalized this process by outlining the procedures and controls necessary to mitigate compliance risk and maintain the financial viability of this program.

Application (Grant Proposal)

The application should be treated as a grant proposal. For any funds that the affiliate project solicits, Compathos will then re-grant to the affiliate. The grant proposal (application) will be reviewed and voted on by Compathos Foundation Board of Directors within 3-4 weeks. The Board reviews the alignment of the project with the mission of Compathos and ensures that the nature of the activities are educational and  charitable. Both of these parameters must be fully documented for all approved applications. Prior to final approval, the Board will respond with a list of inquiries and requirements that formalize any gray areas. The affiliate is then required to send a revised grant proposal before the contract is signed. Only after approval of this grant proposal is the affiliate permitted to
solicit-tax deductible donations using the 501(c)3 status of Compathos.

See our FAQ page for a detailed description of the program. Fill out the Application here:


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